‘Sexting’ is a relatively new term for sending text messages or images of a sexual nature via cell phone. The practice has become particularly popular among teens and is causing controversy on school grounds throughout the U.S.

Fast Facts

  • Girls ages 11-14 most common
  • Studies show that up to a third of teens have received X-rated images or videos on their cell phones
  • 20% of all teen girls (11% ages 13-16) say they have electronically sent or posted online, NUDE or SEMI-NUDE photos
  • 18% of boys reported doing the same thing
  • Illegal to send sexually explicit images of any under age 18 If kept by receiver, they are involved in possession of child pornography.
  • PA – those found guilty – face jail time, fines, long probation, and labeled SEX OFFENDER for LIFE.
  • Currently – there are kids as young as Age 13 facing these felony charges.
  • Led to the harassment and subsequent suicide of Jesse Logan

Sexting Tips/Links/Important Information

25 Sexting Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Tips To Prevent Sexting


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