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Porn Sites Get Their Own Domain .XXX

On Friday, ICANN, the not-for-profit corporation that coordinates the internet’s naming system, voted to allow the application of the controversial “.xxx” top-level domain name for sites that display adult content.

The domain, which would need further approval before going live on the internet, would be applied to adult entertainment sites just as “.com” is now.

The .xxx internet suffix, which was first proposed six years ago by ICM Registry, a group that sells domain names, “will provide a place online for adult entertainment providers and their service providers who want to be part of our voluntary self regulatory community,” according to that company’s news release.

Adopting .xxx will be optional. However, some tech blogs speculate a push to make the domain mandatory for adult-only sites.

ICM Registry has already taken 110,000 pre-reservations for the domain, which could be available in early 2011, if not sooner, its news release states.

While the company says labeling adult content online “will allow for simple and effective filtering for those who wish to do so,” not everyone is pleased with ICANN’s decision to approve the domain.

10 – Beware

Parents, beware of, says New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo threatened Thursday to sue the teen-targeted site for exposing children to graphic images of child pornography if it doesn’t develop a plan to change the way they monitor and respond to complaints of inappropriate conduct.

“This is one of the worst social networking sites that we’ve encountered.,” Cuomo said at a news conference in New York City.

Cuomo said a three-month undercover investigation by his office revealed significant lapses in Tagged’s response to user reports of graphic images of child pornography, including photos of an adult performing oral sex on a girl who appears to be younger than ten years old.

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Beware Facebook Video Scam/Attack

A Facebook phishing attack is on the loose this weekend — the third widespread attack on the site in the past three weeks.

The attack attempts to steal your Facebook login credentials, install malware on your computer, and even get your home address.

The attack is spread via a “hilarious video” posted to Facebook walls, reports WebSense — when clicked, a form appears requesting your Facebook login.

The attack then returns you to Facebook, installs an app called “Media Player HD,” and asks you to download the “FLV player” — doing so installs malware on your machine.

It gets worse: Depending on your location, you may also be presented with a contest to win an iPad … if you just enter your home address.

To avoid getting caught, simply remove the “hilarious video” if you find it on your Facebook wall.

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