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Berks County seminar focuses on safety issues for schoolchildren

While children may know to look out for predators on the playground or when walking home from school, many still don’t understand that there are dangerous men searching the Internet for potential victims, state Attorney General Tom Corbett said Thursday.

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Facebook, Twitter users beware: Crooks are a mouse click away

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, you could be the next victim.

That’s because more cyberthieves are targeting increasingly popular social networking sites that provide a gold mine of personal information, according to the FBI. Since 2006, nearly 3,200 account hijacking cases have been reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

It starts with a friend updating his or her status or sending you a message with an innocent link or video. Maybe your friend is in distress abroad and needs some help.

All you have to do is click.

When the message or link is opened, social network users are lured to fake Web sites that trick them into divulging personal details and passwords. The process, known as a phishing attack or malware, can infiltrate users’ accounts without their consent.

Once the account is compromised, the thieves can infiltrate the list of friends or contacts and repeat the attack on subsequent victims. Social networking sites show there is ample opportunity to find more victims; the average Facebook user has 120 friends on the site.

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Teens Recorded Sex Acts, Sent Them To Others As Text Messages

Pennsylvania is in the process of becoming compliant with a new federal law that allows juveniles found guilty of child pornography to be labeled sex offenders.

The teens were “sexting” — recording sex acts on their cell phones and sending them to others, state police said.

State police have charged eight Perry County teens with possession of child pornography.

Administrators at Susquenita High School in Duncannon recently caught three students with cell phones containing a video and pictures of other area juveniles performing sex acts on each other.Troopers charged five more juveniles with possessing and transmitting child pornography after finding out the teens allegedly sent the materials to others as text messages.

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Two cyberbullying bills duke it out in House committee

The House Judiciary Committee listened to testimonies this week that argued the differences between two proposed laws aimed at cyberbullying. The two bills take decidedly different approaches, and many of the experts at the hearing favored one that focused on education.

Cyberbullying is a delicate subject that is better met with education than with laws to criminalize it, testimony before the House Judiciary Committee suggested yesterday. Most experts testifying at the hearing agreed that criminalization would be difficult—both from an enforcement standpoint and also Constitutionally—while education would offer a better approach to some of the nuances of cyberbullying.

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