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4 Flagged for Facebook Fake

Four teenagers are the targets of a lawsuit alleging that they created a fake Facebook profile to aggressively target another teen. The profile contained obscene, racist, and otherwise questionable remarks, but was apparently authentic enough to convince numerous friends and even college recruiters that this kid was not one to get involved with.

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Twitter hack raises questions about ‘cloud computing’

  • A hacker allegedly broke into a Twitter administrator’s personal e-mail account
  • The hacker stole Twitter financial documents and leaked them to several blogs
  • Web is abuzz with opinions on the hacking’s impact and the ethics of posting the info
  • Twitter says it is seeking legal counsel on the matter

“This isn’t about any flaw in Web apps,” Stone writes. “It speaks to the importance of following good personal security guidelines such as choosing strong passwords.”

Security experts say it’s best for users to create new passwords for each of their online accounts. The passwords generally should be complicated, combining letters, numbers and symbols. And they should be changed often.

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