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Mom Wants Cyberbullies Punished

What would you do if your sixth grade daughter was the target of a vicious internet video?

Beth Smith is living that nightmare. Her daughter’s classmates, aged 11 and 12-years-old, made the clip called the “Top Six Ways to Kill Piper,” taking cyber- bullying to a disturbing new level.

What are school officials and police doing about it? Kiran Chetry spoke with Piper Smith and her mom Beth and asked how they first found out this video was online.

Read full story here – Mom Wants Cyberbullies Punished

Top Six Ways to Kill Piper


Study: Photos stay online after you delete them

Researchers tested several photo-sharing sites to see if photos still existed on the Internet 30 days after they were supposedly deleted by users. Seven of the 16 sites, including Facebook, failed the test.

Facebook and other sites store photos in one place and their main Web page in another place. That makes it difficult to know where your photos actually live. And it apparently means there can be some major lag time between when you delete a photo and when it actually goes away.

To read more about the study, click here: Full Study

A dismal 5 of the 16 sites failed to revoke photos after 30 days, including MySpace, Facebook and Bebo.

To view the study results, click here: Study Results

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