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52yr. old GA Man Has Been Implicated in “Sexting” Scandal with PA 14yr. old

A 52-year-old Georgia man has been implicated in a “sexting” scandal for allegedly soliciting a 14-year-old Tunkhannock Area Middle School student after he saw a semi-nude picture of her on the Internet. Scott Swanson of Hiawassee, Ga., was arrested Friday and charged with criminal solicitation and corruption of minors, Wyoming County District Attorney George Skumanick Jr. said Wednesday.

According to Skumanick, Swanson located the picture in November, and then began asking the teen for more sexually suggestive pictures.

Both the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Towns County sheriff’s office executed a search warrant Friday at Swanson’s place of business, Quest Global Angling Adventures in Hiawassee, where they found sexually suggestive photographs of the student as well as other child pornography on his computer.

Swanson was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and is being held at the Towns County Jail, pending a bond hearing April 29, GBI public affairs officer John Bankhead said, adding Pennsylvania authorities provided a referral about the case in March.

Called “sexting,” the growing trend of sending and trading provocative photos via cell phone has cropped up all over the country. It surfaced at Tunkhannock Area in October when Skumanick threatened 20 teens with child pornography charges after school district officials discovered nude and semi-nude photographs on cell phones confiscated from students. Skumanick told the students they could avoid prosecution if they signed up for a five-week educational program.

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‘Sexting’ Lands Teen on Sex Offender List

Phillip Alpert found out the hard way. He had just turned 18 when he sent a naked photo of his 16-year-old girlfriend, a photo she had taken and sent him, to dozens of her friends and family after an argument. The high school sweethearts had been dating for almost 2½ years. “It was a stupid thing I did because I was upset and tired and it was the middle of the night and I was an immature kid,” says Alpert.

Orlando, Florida, police didn’t see it that way. Alpert was arrested and charged with sending child pornography, a felony to which he pleaded no contest but was later convicted. He was sentenced to five years probation and required by Florida law to register as a sex offender.

As for Alpert, life is not easy as a registered sex offender, a label he will carry until the age of 43. He’s been kicked out of college, he cannot travel out of the county without making prior arrangements with his probation officer, he has lost many friends and is having trouble finding a job because of his status as a convicted felon. He says he feels terrible about sending the photo of his ex-girlfriend, especially since they were once so close.

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