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Is Loopy Dental Kid Video Funny — Or Disturbing?

Little David became the talk of the town after a flip-phone video his dad — also named David DeVore — shot of the boy, then 7, acting dazed after he got a tooth pulled, was posted on YouTube. Some 16 million people watched with amusement as David struggles to get his bearings, asking his father, “Is this real life?” and “I feel funny, why is this happening to me?” While the amusing video has taken on a life of its own — spawning countless YouTube parodies and imitators, getting David a trip to Disney World, and even earning him advertising revenue — David’s dad told TODAY Thursday he understands criticism in some circles that the video should have been kept in the family.

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Parents fight child porn threats against “sexting” teens

Parents fight child porn threats against “sexting” teens Backed by the ACLU, a group of Pennsylvania parents is suing to block an enthusiastic DA who has threatened to file child porn charges against teen girls who appear semi-undressed in candid cell-phone photos—unless they agree to attend a five-week program on “what it means to be a girl in today’s society.”

It’s easy enough to understand the desire to deter “sexting”: when those images do get into the wild, as they all too easily do, they tend to spread with incredible speed, making an immature lapse of judgment a potentially permanent burden. On the other hand, the seven-year prison term that would accompany a conviction seems fairly burdensome too. And the girls would still find their photos plastered on the Internet: on Pennsylvania’s registered sex offenders website, along with residence and employment data.

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MySpace Removes 90,000 Sex Offenders

February 4, 2009

Taskforce calls for tougher restrictions on membership of social networking websites.

The social-networking site MySpace, an online hangout popular among teenagers, acknowledged Tuesday that it had found some 90,000 registered sex offenders on its membership rolls.

Law-enforcement officers here and across the country described the revelation as disturbing but not surprising. They said it underscores the need for greater online safeguards – and for parents to pay closer attention to the virtual lives of their children.

MySpace said in a statement that it had purged the sex offenders from its site and was cooperating with law enforcement. The site, which calls itself “a place for friends,” has nearly 76 million users in the United States alone, according to its most recent count.

MySpace and another social-networking powerhouse, Facebook, have come under scrutiny by state regulators who want them to do more to police their sites. Tuesday’s announcement that 90,000 sex offenders had enrolled on MySpace – about 40,000 more than previously thought – came in response to a subpoena from the attorneys general of Connecticut and North Carolina.

The Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, called it a “shocking revelation” and said it offers “compelling proof that social networking sites remain rife with sexual predators.” He renewed his call for better age- and identity-verification standards on MySpace and other social-networking sites.

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21st Century Biggest Playground – The Internet

Are you safe on the Internet? Are your children safe?
Is your child a victim of cyber-bullying?
How do you know when surfing isn’t safe?
How do you become educated to protect your child?

These are just some of the questions that parents ask (or should be asking) about their child’s Internet usage and computer habits. Are they are talking to their friends over the computer or is it someone pretending to be their friend? The Internet is a fantastic tool, a great resource, but it only takes a few people to exploit it.

The use of the Internet, new technologies and the dangers that students face while using them both have grown – tremendously.

My goal is to unravel the fear and hype that surrounds the Internet and these technologies while at the same time provide you with strategies to ensure that your children have a safe and fun experience with technology.

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